Give Thanks

I love love love this time of year. Things get cozy and everyone is more loving (at least until they get to shopping). This year we're staying home for Thanksgiving and celebrating with a mini Friendsgiving. I'm really really excited. 

The holiday's is a tricky time of trying to plan for the new year (for my business), decide if I'm going to do any products for Christmas with an online shop, and prep gifts, all while trying to enjoy this season. This year I'm really working on slowing down and enjoying each day. Taking time to be thankful for the little things and the big things. Having a safe home to sleep in, my husband's hugs, even our little griddle acting as a kitchen stove. 

I'm thankful for...

...nearby friends to celebrate with and share a meal. heaters for the occasional 'winter' nights in Texas. handyman husband and all of his hardwork to build our home. I mean that literally. He's currently building our kitchen cabinets.

...our electric griddle and the warm hashbrowns and eggs I get to enjoy in the mornings.

...a part time job that gets me out of the house and lots of quirky regular customers to chat and laugh with. family and especially my uber weird sisters that will always make me laugh over facetime. business and that it's starting up at just the right pace. clients. Without you all I wouldn't be on this journey.

...willing neighbors to split the costs and work in rebuilding the fence so we can get a puppy.

...dear sweet friends that I can email when things are tough and that email me for encouragement. I love sending loving messages and 'doing life' with them.

This is only skimming the top.

What are you thankful for?