Christmas in Missouri

I look forward to and cherish Christmas even more now than I did growing up. For me it's the one time of the year that I get to see my family and be with my sisters. As we all grow older and I can see my sisters starting on their own life paths I know that this time is something I need to really really breathe in.

This Christmas came with some new faces to meet as two of my sisters are dating (say what?!). And instead of the usual quick flight over we chose to save a little money and road trip the 13ish hours to my hometown. Call us crazy, we also did it with a new puppy!

It worked out great and Zoey our new fur baby was fantastic on the road. Having faith and embracing the moment with flexibility was all we needed. Much like running a business but I won't talk about that now. I'm hitting pause to hug loved ones and soak up all the warm fuzzy love I can this season. Including recording some of it with my camera. Since college I've always had a small thing for video but this time I'm sharing one leaning more on the vlog style and giving you a glimpse of the family and sisters that I love so much.