New Year Goals | Manifesting 2016

When it comes to success in business it comes down to a few things. Showing up, doing the work, and simply asking–for anything and everything. Usually at this time of year I’ve drafted up a giant list of tasks I want to accomplish for the year. But not this year. This year feels different.

Lists have a way of making me feel a little trapped into them. Even though there’s the whole SMART goals thing which is useful. It’s great in certain practices but more often than not, it only makes me feel overwhelmed.

This year I’m making a list of 3 mindsets to keep up in 2016. Then under those three things I’m granting myself the freedom to list tasks and change them as the year progresses. So I can keep doing that creative thing I do.


SHOW UP | Every single day. Show up at my computer to write, be it blog posts, jotting post ideas, phrases for lettering, and on. And being transparent sharing my process with all of you here or on social media.

DO THE WORK | For me this means, getting off my damn computer and hunkering down with pencil and paper. It’s tricky because I still lack a decent office space while we’re Building Rosewood. But creativity sparks creativity. Consume less and create more. It’s exhausting scrolling through pinterest and what not with the nagging feeling in the back of my mind knowing I can create my own original work. I’m over it. No more excuses. Time to do the work.

SIMPLY ASK | This is the simplest thing. Asking. It’s a thing a lot of entrepreneurs just starting can be nervous to do for fear of appearing amateur. But if we never ask for what we need then know one will know what exactly we’re trying to accomplish, sell, serve, etc.

Manifesting 2016

This year I want to work with a variety of awesome bosses. People who are working on their hustle and being boss. A florist or plant nursery would be dreamy and a food stylist. That’s just to start. If these describe you and you’re ready to step up your game with some branding for your business, contact me!

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