Get Specific About Your Goals

We're already 2 months into the year but it's NEVER too late to get serious about your goals. I wrote some general manifesting goals for the new year here but now I'm sharing how I'm getting specific about those intentions. 

I have big dreams for this business of mine as well as how it's role is going to play a part in my life. For this first full year of business my goal is to earn close to my full time salary when I was an in-house designer. A manageable dream. Not unrealistic until I look at it as one big lump sum. So I broke it down based on the services I'm offering this year along with what projects I'd love to tackle. And it looks like this:

Get Specific About Your Goals

36 Branding Clients Realistically hitting the 15 mark would be great but technically helping 3 businesses build their brands per month would be kick-ass. I have big dreams I want to tackle and one of those dreams is helping hard-working creatives like you achieve YOUR dreams. You'll need a knock-out brand to help get you there. If this sounds like you book your spot!

20 Hand Lettered Project/Products | There's something about pen, paper and ink that's just romantic. The time investment, getting hands on with a project and watching the final product reveal itself organically that will always be a part of my life/process. Some of these 20 will be part of those dreamy creative brands above while others will be products, downloads, maybe even an ad campaign! It's okay if some of your big goals might not be money makers. You need passion projects that really get your blood pumping in the morning just for you.

6 Wedding Stationary Suites | Originally weddings weren't going to be a part of my offerings, but I just can't say no to love. When an adventurous couple is head over heels for each other and want something unique and maybe a bit eco-conscious, how can I say no?! I'm talking about the couple that wants to include hike trails as part of their reception activities or cooling off with a pool party. Celebrating a couples love every two months sounds fantastic when it involves people like that. Know someone who just got engaged and the ultra-chil type? Have them contact me!

These goals have been styled up, printed out and set up on my desk. This year is going to be a dreamy year of goal achieving. Not ready for a rebrand? Check out past posts from the Freelance 101 series below.