Instagram is changing your feed

What to do about Instagram's most recent change or rather... what to do instead.


I'll admit, at first I was a tad upset about the news that Instagram would be changing their algorithm to follow the same path as Twitter and Facebook. It's my main social media outlet as far as sharing stuff related to my business so this could be harmful to my business growth. And that's the same reason why everyone else was freaking out. And I was also annoyed that they were following Facebook....because I hate Facebook.

I began searching for the perfect image to share and comment on the change. ....and then the posts started. You've seen them. The blaring bright "Hey click on the dots and turn on notifications!" ones. They were/are very annoying. And they go against my values.

Don't consume, create.

Turn it off.

Get outside.

I've had most of my app notifications turned off for years now. Unless I open the app, I have no idea if there's new comments. As for them changing the order that I read people's posts. Well I'm a chronic 'scroll/read till I reach the last set I remember' type. The feeds that I really enjoy reading, I make an effort to look up and see if I missed any posts. 

Stop consuming and go create. I value creating great images, content, value for my followers. They're my tribe. My tried and true. I'm always trying to work on myself to stop absorbing and comparing myself to other designers so I can do the work I LOVE. And that's what I want for you. Make that thing you've been dreaming about while at the day job. Go start that exercise program that sounds just crazy enough to be awesome. Start a new hobby. 

Turn it off. You've seen the posts. The ones where they ask you ever so kindly (not) to click the three dots and turn on notifications for their posts. If you've been doing that worried you won't see certain posts I'm asking you, no DARING you, to turn them off. Not just the posts. I mean the app. Turn off the notifications for the app. I'm not worried. If you really want to read my posts just whenever you happen to think of me, check out my feed. Leave a comment and say hello. I'd love to get to know who you are. Or comment here if you have a blog too.

Get outside. Leave the phone at home or at least off and in a bag. Get off the computer and go outside. If you really don't like being outside or the weather is just terrible then go to a museum. Just get off the electronics and go observe things with your own eyes. If you really need to document something. Write it down. Bring some pencils and draw what you see. 

If you're still worried I've heard building your email list is the best way to make sure you don't lose your followers. Then remember, social media is business. Just like your business will change as it grows so do they. I'm starting to use other apps like snapchat and phhhoto if you want to find me there. @etsunami

What's in a Brand?

As aspiring, young, and seasoned business owners you're an expert. Where you are in your journey, at this moment in time, you're an expert for this stage. The first time you realized it might have been hanging out with friends when you used some business term that required explaining. Maybe you were on a coffee date with a fellow small business owner swapping tips and realized you had more to teach them than there was time. 

I found myself in a similar situation this week. Chatting with an aspiring entrepreneur about branding, what it is, and trying to explain what it is I do. Afterwards, my husband pointed out that a lot of what I was saying could be explained more in depth, that there were terms I used that most people don't know, and that I needed to work on my sales pitch. Luckily for him I was having the same thoughts while I was driving so I didn't take any of this the wrong way. ;) 

The knowledge I have about starting a business, branding, and design is information I've been taking in for YEARS. 7 years of research if I ignore the research I was also doing during high school. #nerdforlife But holding all that information doesn't help anyone. So here's the deal. I'm ready to share. My knowledge, expertise and time. I'd love to grab coffee and share my knowledge but I can help more of you by sharing here. 

I'm going to be diving deep into everything I know about branding, business, social media,...and on. This site will be getting more robust with a clear services page so you know exactly what you need to be investing in for your business dreams. I'll be sharing some case studies of both business brand clients, some mockup ones just cuz as well as hand lettering and wedding suite projects. Keep an eye on this blog. Save it to your favorites, follow on bloglovin' or your preferred feedburner because I'm giving away everything I know. 

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Work In Progress: 1

Hey guys! I wanted to stop by on this Monday and chat freely about a personal project I've got in progress. 


I am working on a little pet project simply because it's for someone/something that has hit close to home. It's a lettering piece that I'll have finished soon and just might be made available for purchase soon to share with someone YOU love and might appreciate the sentiment.

I decided to wait for October to be over because I didn't want it to be grouped in the usual pink parade of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Maybe it's the hipster rebel in me that just always wants to be different from everyone else but it just felt right to bring attention to this after the month was over. Why? Because breast cancer isn't limited to a single month. It has zero shits to give about how much it ruins people's lives. And it's not really about saving the boobies. It's become that, definitely. But it shouldn't be. If you talk to a survivor I would imagine they'd be thinking "Um, my boobies rejected me. I'm not trying to save them. I need to save myself."

Anyway. That's a little tidbit about the project I'm working on.


Manami Design Gets Official

Well well well. The time has come. After what feels like a lifetime of dreaming about one day being my own boss, it has come. On Friday, I officially registered Manami Design as open for business. Hooray! (party emoji's here)

To celebrate and also summarize my sentiments I did a little chalk lettering sign in our living room. It's a quote from New Girl. *Spoiler Warning* It's what Shivrang says to propose to Cece instead of saying "Will You Marry Me?" Ridiculous right? It's awkward and weird, sounds excited but also wary. Which is exactly how I'm feeling about this business. I'm so ready to see where it will take me but I'm also thinking 'wait, now what do I do.' 

Branding businesses, and doing design work is the easy part. I got that down. It's the running a business and dealing with Uncle Sam part I'm not quite sure I'm ready for. There's no time like the present to learn though right? I'm sharing what I learn and my whole freelance process with the Freelance 101 series. Go check it out!

Interested in learning more about my lettering process and how to hire me? Contact me here!