What's in a Brand?

As aspiring, young, and seasoned business owners you're an expert. Where you are in your journey, at this moment in time, you're an expert for this stage. The first time you realized it might have been hanging out with friends when you used some business term that required explaining. Maybe you were on a coffee date with a fellow small business owner swapping tips and realized you had more to teach them than there was time. 

I found myself in a similar situation this week. Chatting with an aspiring entrepreneur about branding, what it is, and trying to explain what it is I do. Afterwards, my husband pointed out that a lot of what I was saying could be explained more in depth, that there were terms I used that most people don't know, and that I needed to work on my sales pitch. Luckily for him I was having the same thoughts while I was driving so I didn't take any of this the wrong way. ;) 

The knowledge I have about starting a business, branding, and design is information I've been taking in for YEARS. 7 years of research if I ignore the research I was also doing during high school. #nerdforlife But holding all that information doesn't help anyone. So here's the deal. I'm ready to share. My knowledge, expertise and time. I'd love to grab coffee and share my knowledge but I can help more of you by sharing here. 

I'm going to be diving deep into everything I know about branding, business, social media,...and on. This site will be getting more robust with a clear services page so you know exactly what you need to be investing in for your business dreams. I'll be sharing some case studies of both business brand clients, some mockup ones just cuz as well as hand lettering and wedding suite projects. Keep an eye on this blog. Save it to your favorites, follow on bloglovin' or your preferred feedburner because I'm giving away everything I know. 

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