Work In Progress: 1

Hey guys! I wanted to stop by on this Monday and chat freely about a personal project I've got in progress. 


I am working on a little pet project simply because it's for someone/something that has hit close to home. It's a lettering piece that I'll have finished soon and just might be made available for purchase soon to share with someone YOU love and might appreciate the sentiment.

I decided to wait for October to be over because I didn't want it to be grouped in the usual pink parade of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Maybe it's the hipster rebel in me that just always wants to be different from everyone else but it just felt right to bring attention to this after the month was over. Why? Because breast cancer isn't limited to a single month. It has zero shits to give about how much it ruins people's lives. And it's not really about saving the boobies. It's become that, definitely. But it shouldn't be. If you talk to a survivor I would imagine they'd be thinking "Um, my boobies rejected me. I'm not trying to save them. I need to save myself."

Anyway. That's a little tidbit about the project I'm working on.