Manami Design Gets Official

Well well well. The time has come. After what feels like a lifetime of dreaming about one day being my own boss, it has come. On Friday, I officially registered Manami Design as open for business. Hooray! (party emoji's here)

To celebrate and also summarize my sentiments I did a little chalk lettering sign in our living room. It's a quote from New Girl. *Spoiler Warning* It's what Shivrang says to propose to Cece instead of saying "Will You Marry Me?" Ridiculous right? It's awkward and weird, sounds excited but also wary. Which is exactly how I'm feeling about this business. I'm so ready to see where it will take me but I'm also thinking 'wait, now what do I do.' 

Branding businesses, and doing design work is the easy part. I got that down. It's the running a business and dealing with Uncle Sam part I'm not quite sure I'm ready for. There's no time like the present to learn though right? I'm sharing what I learn and my whole freelance process with the Freelance 101 series. Go check it out!

Interested in learning more about my lettering process and how to hire me? Contact me here!