Photo an Hour: 1

I've been a fan of James's Photo an Hour posts for as long as I can remember. (In my recent research it seems that those posts were with her old blog.) It's been a personal goal of mine to do one of my own. I already had a feeling this was going to be tough, but now that I've done one I want to tip my hat to James for capturing such beautiful moments and doing these types of posts so often. I used to take alot more pictures but this project brought me face to face with how rusty I am. That and I've never been much for lifestyle photography despite my love for it as far as consumption goes. On that note, I will be continuing this as a personal growth challenge. 

8:00 am.


9:00 am.


10:00 am.


11:00 am.


12:00 pm.


1:00 pm.


2:13 pm.


3:00 pm.


4:00 pm.


5:00 pm.


6:00 pm.


10 Things


Hello! And welcome to the blog. To get this party started I wanted to introduce myself with 10 Things you definitely don't know about the person behind Manami Design Co.

1. I'm a fan of acro yoga. And actually, I met my husband through acro. if you want to build a relationship on trust–acro yoga is the way to go.

2. I love snacks and snacking often. Whether that's a piece of dark chocolate (70% please) or pizza, I'm so there. (Dear Lauren, we should be friends.)

3. I don't really do normal. The best examples to explain... My wedding reception was a pool party bbq. And I have a degree in Design as well as Biology, because why not.

4. We're currently building our first home. We call here Rosewood and she makes launching this business interesting. And yes, I am running two blogs.

5. If you were to drop me off at a design conference for branding or hand lettering I would be in heaven. Those are my two loves (besides my husband) and are what you will see lots of here on the blog.

6. I'm a blog reading addict. Bloglovin' is a blessing & curse for this. A few of my top favs are breanna rose, bleubirddesignlovefest and love taza.

7. Manami Design Studio is my biz baby and is set to launch Spring 2016 barring nothing gets in my way. I am accepting clients before then, so please contact me if you're ready to brand your creative business with a timeless brand identity that shares your story.

8. I have lots of goals for the next few years. 101 of them to be exact. I'll be sharing those very soon.

9. If I decide one day to leave the design business it will probably be for a career as a floral designer. When I'm not on the computer I'm probably tending to my plants or at the store buying more. Working with and being surrounded by plants is my bliss.

10. I'm a pescatarian. No that's not some made up religion. It means I'm a vegetarian that eats fish. And I chose this lifestyle 2 years and some change ago. #noragrets

So there you have it. Now you know 10 random details about me.
Play along and share 10 Things about you in the comments. Have a blog? Comment below with a link to your post!

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Wish List: puppy fever


When I first made the decision to living more minimally I had to come to terms with my attachment to things. ALL.THE.THINGS. There's so many creative people designing and making beautiful things. It's really tough not to want it all. After multiple purges of my belongings I did find a groove of not buying stuff. But after a long period of not buying things AND not purging my life, the wishing-for-things feelings creep in. What's a girl to do?!?

Here's my solution: A new blog series! When the wishing creeps in I'll be curating a wish list so you guys can buy the stuff for me. To keep for yourselves of course.... unless you just really really want to send it to me then email me here. ;) I digress.

I took a break from working today to grab some coffee and get away from all the screens. The Tiny Finch is one of my favorite places to be inspired by things and this time it got me wanting all the dog things! Now we don't have a dog...yet. But the Mr. and I are planning for a puppy in the very very near future. (eek! finally!)