Freelance 101: Embracing Fear and Taking the Leap

Hello dear readers! Welcome to a new series where I will be sharing the nitty gritty details of being a freelancer. You’ll be getting an inside look into the struggles and wins on my journey to making my side hustle of being a Graphic Designer into my main hustle. I’m taking a dare of sharing these moments to find my tribe of creatives and clients. If this is not your thing, then go away.

A lot of creative entrepreneurs struggle with overcoming fear. The evidence is everywhere. Walk into any bookstore and you’ll find titles like: Rising Strong, Big Magic, Art & Fear, etc.

I know this is true because I’m one of them. Most of those books are on my To-Read list. The Fear that comes with pursuing a creative life for myself can be crippling. What if no one likes my work…or worse, hate it? What if I can’t make any money doing what I love? What if I fail completely? The Fear is a dark and dangerous rabbit hole folks. And when left unchecked can result in binge eating m&ms on the couch along with a marathon of NCIS episodes and zero progress made on achieving your dreams. I’m totally not speaking from experience.

Thankfully their are lots of creatives out there sharing helpful methods for getting out of this funk.

But what happens when you are forced to face the Fear head on? Those items you’ve been avoiding but have to tackle because you have no choice?

My big Fears that I have been facing have been those around getting started. How do I launch and become official? What if I register my business the wrong way and they have to take away everything? What if I don’t handle the business finances the right way and Uncle Sam comes after me and we become homeless? What if, what if, what if? These mostly irrational doomsday Fears have kept me from just starting for years. My most recent evasion tactic was working part time for a local studio. I was telling myself that I would work for them and learn the ropes then slowly work on getting my own thing started. But then I got a freelance job from an old employer, then another designing the wedding invites for a bride. The pressure has been building to launch but I’m still on the edge peering over.

I started this series to be very honest about the nitty gritty details of going freelance from the start. Because so few share this part of their journey. We get to know them when they are reaching their stride in their careers and the bumps and bruises of when they first started get left out of their stories.

So here we go. Last week my ‘day job to support the side hustle’ was pulled out from under me. It had already been a bit slow going but I had been on staff as a part time employee. Now I’m officially just a contractor. I’ll have to send my own invoices to get paid and handle my own taxes from it. I have no choice but to face those Fears head on. Well, it’s that or look for a full-time job for ‘the man’ again, or get a part-time blah job. I’ll still be getting a blah job (most likely) but it will be funding this little business of mine. I'm embracing all those fears, facing them head on and taking the leap to become my own boss.

What does this mean for you?

It means I’m available for you to hire. Maybe you’re in the same boat and getting a business started but need a brand identity for the world to find you. Visit my contact page and fill out the short form so we can get your business started on the right foot. If you're not quite ready and just happy to find a friend in the same boat I'd love to hear a bit about your story in the comments. 

Up next: My tips for Scheduling & Staying Productive as a freelancer